ChatGPT 4 Release Date: New Features, Updates ,Availability and much more

ChatGPT 4 Release Date

The new ChatGPT 4 release date was announced as March 14th, 2023. This is considered a ‘multi-modal’ with both text and image input capabilities. 

The creator of the popular AI chatbot, OpenAI, revealed its newest version of ChatGPT earlier this week. The new ChatGPT 4 release date was on March 14th, 2023.

It was mentioned that ChatGPT 4 is multi-modal. This means that users can give the AI chatbot commands through both texts and images. However, the output would still be in text format.

The latest AI chatbot version is only accessible by the paid subscribers of ChatGPT Plus. For those who are using the free version, the only version available is GPT 3.5.

On his Twitter account, the chief executive of OpenAI, Sam Altman, quoted ChatGPT 4 as the ‘most capable and aligned model yet.’ 

ChatGPT 4 Release Date 

The release date of ChatGPT 4

ChatGPT 4 release date is on March 14th, 2024. Let us have a glance at the new features of ChatGPT 4.

New features of ChatGPT 4

ChatGPT, an AI chatbot created by OpenAI, uses artificial neural networks to generate text upon command. The acronym GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, which can emit text outputs similar to texts written by humans.

OpenAI says that the new ChatGPT 4 is much more creative than its older versions. It is also advanced in visual input and has longer text input capabilities. The users can create screenplays, technical writing, and even music. The new ChatGPT 4 has the impressive ability to learn the writing style of its users.

People can now insert up to 25,000 words in one go. Using Web links to improve their creative project is also possible. Once the web link is inserted, the AI chatbot can use it to interact with the website to create more advanced texts.

The most anticipated feature so far is the ability to input images. The users can insert an image and ask ChatGPT 4 to write a description about it. For example, if an image with some baking ingredients is given, the AI chatbot can generate a text on what can be made with them. Pretty impressive right? 

One issue many ChatGPT users faced was the text’s lack of credibility. However, the latest version ensures a 40% increase in the accuracy of the emitted texts. Also, the responding rate of ChatGPT 4 to requests for content that aren’t allowed has been reduced by a whopping 82%.

New features of ChatGPT 4

How to access ChatGPT 4? 

To get started, visit their website,, and sign up. 

Both the free and the paid versions will be available. However, only the paid version can be used to access the new ChatGPT 4 version. 

In order to do so, users can subscribe to ChatGPT Plus to have premium access. It would cost only 20$ per month.

Bing Chat vs. ChatGPT 

According to them, Microsoft boasts its own AI chatbot, Bing Chat, which is better than ChatGPT. Because while OpenAI’s ChatGPT was using GPT 3.5, Microsoft was using GPT 4 for Bing Chat.

However, the new visual input feature is not available on Bing Chat. Even though the new features of this AI chatbot are not yet clearly mentioned, it’s safe to say that Bing Chat is much more improved now.

Bing Chat has the ability to access the internet to get information. It also uses an AI model that is much faster. With these features, ChatGPT 4 definitely has some competition. 

However, it’s up to the people to decide which is better.

Flaws of ChatGPT 4

Even though the new version promises many advanced features, there are still some issues with this update too. For example, having adversarial prompts, social biases, and hallucinations are still bugging the ChatGPT 4. Those are the same problems that were faxed by its latest versions. 

At least OpenAI is owning up to its mistakes. Its chief executive, Sam Altman, talked about it on his Twitter. He said that ChatGPT 4 is ‘still flawed, still limited, and it still seems more impressive on the first use.’ However, the new versions mentioned that social biases and hallucinations were reduced.

Not as revolutionary? 

Despite presenting some impressive features, ChatGPT 4 is going to be a challenging experience. Because now that people are familiar with other service providers such as Bing Chat, there isn’t much to go crazy about. 

As per the rumours of ChatGPT 4 being an AGI, they were simply denied. Sam Altman concluded that the new version wouldn’t have 100 trillion parameters as some say.


The release date of the new ChatGPT 4 was March 14th 2023. Despite having minor issues, which are overshadowed by new features, this will improve its users’ experience.



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