Audible Affiliate Program – Everything you must know

Audible Affiliate Program

You will find it frustrating and time-consuming to promote your Amazon books or products online. For people around the world to find and buy your book or product, you must have links for every country and every Amazon store. The best place to get audiobooks is Audible. Audible affiliate has a wide selection of audiobooks, no matter whether you are an avid listener, a first-time listener, or just searching for the perfect gift. You can earn commissions from Audible sales if you register with AllMarketingMixed (AMM), join their audible affiliate program, and earn commissions on every sale.

What is an Audible Affiliate Program?

Audible dominates the audiobook market. Each time someone uses your special audible affiliate link to download an audiobook from, you will be paid. If you direct customers to the Audible website, you can commission sales.

For audiobooks, you should check out Audible. If you’re a frequent listener if you’re looking for a gift idea, or even if you’re browsing, audible has the largest selection of audiobooks. As an affiliate marketer, joining AllMarketingMixed (AMM)’s affiliate program will allow you to earn commissions from every sale you make listing Audible products.


audible affiliate program 1You can become an Audible affiliate in two different ways. Audible affiliate offers several ways to join, including becoming a seller, which allows you full access to all Audible’s products, or being an Affiliate Director if you are already selling through another company. A commission will be paid out to you if your affiliates make sales.

Here is an exciting niche opportunity for those who enjoy listening to audiobooks. Affiliates of the Audible affiliate program can earn money by recommending their subscription service and selling some of the best-selling titles. Throughout the rest of today’s post, I’ll explain what this program offers, how its commission structure is structured, and how you can best market it via your blog.

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The key features of Selling through Audible Affiliate Program

audible affiliate program 2

It seems that Audible stands out among the other audiobook companies, despite Amazon’s acquisition of it in 2008. A big factor behind booming sales may be acquiring a reputable brand, which reassures consumers about the brand’s quality and services.

A membership with Amazon Audible Affiliate does not come cheaply, but there are numerous benefits when you sign up.

  • About 180,000 book titles are available (some have only 100,000).
  • They don’t just have more titles, but they’re more popular and relevant to the reading niche.
  • Using the audiobook app while on the go is convenient because the audiobook app integrates seamlessly with mobile devices.
  • Providing 24/7 live chat support, telephone support, and 24/7 support, it has an excellent customer service department.

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Become an Audible Affiliate

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Getting started with a personal website will allow you to use blogging to increase income for your affiliate business.

  • Purchasing a custom domain is recommended.
  • Self-hosting the site on the WordPress platform is a great option.
  • It is common practice for people to view posting affiliate links on social networks and forums without a website as spam, and often results in poor conversions or no sales.
  • According to demographic research, most people purchase audiobooks based on website reviews rather than social media advertising.

Identifying audiobook customers

Go to the Amazon marketplace’s main page once you have established a site and scroll down to the footer where you can find the audible affiliate link. You will have access to the affiliate dashboard shortly after completing the signup process outlined on this page. Links to text, images of products, widgets, and banners are available to use as promotional tools for your blog. Unlike other merchants, Amazon refers to its affiliate commissions as an advertising fee. Audible podcast affiliate has the following commission rates.

Rates of Audible Commissions

You can help your readers choose what’s right for them by understanding the differences between the three types of offers.


audible affiliate program 4

Two things can result from purchasing an Audible product. You can buy an audiobook at retail price and an additional audiobook if you have a membership. The commission will be 50 cents in both cases.

2) DIGITAL Membership with a FREE TRIAL for AUDIBLE content

The free trial offer is the most common online advertisement that most of us have seen. New users are typically offered free audiobooks before subscribing to a paid subscription.

Listen to any book title for a free 30 days, and then get 30% off an additional purchase for an additional 30 days. You continue to earn $5 even if they cancel after the trial period expires; the book is theirs to keep, and they can keep it.


For customers interested in signing up after 30 days, they have the option of choosing between 3 different types of membership; Monthly Gold, Annual Gold and Annual Platinum.

Membership with Audible

With higher plans, one receives more credit points that may be used to purchase more audiobooks without using cash. In general, higher plans provide a lower average cost per book. There is no clear information about what commission you’ll receive for Platinum subscriptions, but for Gold subscriptions, you will earn $10.

In my opinion, a commission of $10 (or more) should still be rewarded because if you can make money with Gold, shouldn’t you be able to make money with Platinum? No matter what, $10 per referral is a great deal, and it’s much better to promote digital products than physical ones.

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How to recommend an audiobook to your readers using a blog?

Having gathered all this information, it makes sense to introduce Audible by discovering what phrases people search for online audiobooks. Keywords (also known as search terms) are usually descriptive and make sense to humans.

If you search something on Google, have you ever noticed that you automatically get suggestions for related searches?

Your targeted audience is using these keywords when searching for audiobooks on Google. Continuing to scroll down, you can find more phrases if you scroll down. It would also be a keyword related to a specific niche.

Keywords related to it

It is where a keyword tool comes in handy (to find out if a keyword is worthy of being a blog topic). If you type your article into software like Jaaxy Pro, you can instantly see how many searches and competitions each term has.

Jaaxy Keyword Results

A long-tail keyword (with high search volumes and low competition) can be beneficial.

  • The article can help people decide on a purchase by writing articles that they are interested in reading.
  • Due to its authority in the reading niche, your blog will rank higher in the search engines.
  • In addition to the one keyword you target, your blog will rank for other search terms when you use the other keywords you target.
  • The article becomes more informative and engaging when it contains all these qualities, making it more likely that people will purchase through your affiliate links instead of someone else’s.

The future of audiobooks is looking up as well

The trend for audiobooks reflects two things; more people are becoming more tech-savvy, and more people are interested in ‘listening to books’. The audiobook industry is expected to flourish in years to come, as 55 million users (and counting) already enjoy audiobooks in the US and elsewhere in the world. A lucrative career in narration is already being taught in schools to young people. But affiliate marketers should be happy. Your skills are in high demand today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become an audible affiliate?

The largest player in this market is Amazon’s audiobook platform, Audible. As an Audible affiliate, you will automatically be enrolled in the Amazon Audible affiliate Program, so joining anything else is unnecessary. Try out the service for free, sign up for a gold membership for $10, and get $0.50 off per audiobook.

How to get an audible affiliate link?

The Associate’s Central homepage tool allows you to create text and image links for specific Audible product ASINs. As part of your promotion, you may also include specific titles so that you can offer a selection of different content to your viewers.

Where is my audible affiliate link?

Audible lets you share its books with friends via the “My Library” button at the bottom of the screen. Find the audiobook you want to share by tapping the three dots on the right side of the Audible audiobook title. The “Send this Book” option will appear on the screen.

How to sign up for audible affiliate?

Audible memberships and audiobook titles can be linked to Associates Central via text and image links by searching for a specific Audible product. In the Promotions Hub, under the Special Bounties tab, you can also find text links and banners to promote the Audible Free Trial.

How to make an affiliate audible link?

Since Audible is part of the Amazon Associates Program, you won’t need to sign up for anything else. You’ll get $5 for a free trial membership, $10 for a gold digital membership, and $0.50 per book. Amazon currently dominates the audiobook market through its Audible audiobook service.

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